Becky Lucas



Hello potential newsletter subscriber,

I know this might seem like it could backfire on you. I of all people understand what it's like to have three coffees and not be able to deal with a simple email. Suddenly you hate the person who has emailed you, it's their fault you're stressed. I get it. 

The thing is you don't have to read my newsletter, there is no pressure, you can even unsubscribe and I'll never know. I mean, eventually someone will figure out a program that will be able to tell me and I'll be so cold to you if we're ever at a mutual friend's barbecue. 

The reason I wanted to start a newsletter is because I think it will be fun to talk more in depth about things that I find funny but that won't necessarily make it into my stand up. I tweet a lot and I'm hoping I can expand some ideas and you can get to know me better so when you come to my shows (please come) we are on the same page. 

Thanks in advance for signing up and I hope you don't hate it.